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Devils Tower

Devils Tower is a very famous rock located in northeastern Wyoming, USA. Height of more than 1266 ft and formed about 65 million years ago by volcanic activity.
The tower was first seen by white explorers from the United States, the Geological Survey in 1875. And was first climbed, using a long wooden ladder attached to the surface of the stone, on July 4, 1893.

Various legends have sprung up that tells about the origin of this tower. One is the story of the Kiowa, Arapaho, Crow, Cheyenne and Sioux tribes, terrified group of young girls being chased by a giant bear. The girls escape quickly through the trees, but bears can slowly overtake them. As the situation became desperate to make them, the girls jumped on a low rock and prayed aloud to the Ancestral Spirit to save them. Suddenly small stones began to grow up, raised seven daughters higher and higher into the sky. An angry bear jumped to the side of the tower (the rock) and it left a claw, which can be viewed to date on the stone wall.

Now, the tower has become one of the world's attractions are very popular, especially for hikers, as a popular climbing sites and more than 20,000 ascents have been made. And many visitors have reported seeing strange lights and UFO phenomena are flying around the top of the tower.

The surveyor said the stone was Devils Tower, after they found out that his real name is "The Bad God's Tower," as the local Indians called it.
The tower is still highly revered as the site of the Indian vision quest.

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