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The Meteora - One of the Most Amazing Places in Greece

The Meteora is one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece. The six monasteries built on natural sandstone rock pillars, at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the river and Pindus Mountains Pineios, in central Greece. The nearest town is Kalambaka. Meteora is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List under criteria.
The rock has become one of the most beautiful mountain in the world that presents stunning views of the height, and now these monasteries became one of the world's tourist attractions. Millions of tourists inside and outside the country come to Meteora who is said to be "One of the Most Amazing Places in Greece" or "One of the Most Spectacular Places to visit in Greece".

On the 9th century, a group of ascetic monks rose to the top of the old hermit.
They were the first to inhabit the Meteora. They live in hollows and fissures in the stone towers, some of which reach 1800 ft (550m) above the plains.
Originally hermits live a life of solitude, meeting only on Sundays and special days to worship and pray at a chapel built at the foot of a rock known as Dhoupiani. At the beginning of the 11th century ascetic monks are believed to live among the caves and cutouts in the rocks. And until the 17th century, the main tool deliver the goods and the people of these eyries is by basket and rope.
Six of the monasteries remain today, Of these six, four were occupied by men and two women. Each monastery has fewer than 10 people.

The monasteries seem pretty set in the hills belakangkan bukau in the Thessalian valley. Fort to counter with its red earth color of coral rock wall which further highlight color kekelabuan permainya menyerlahkan more beautiful atmosphere. The view from the top of the hill towards the lowlands are filled by perpohonan, ravines and some township areas. It is remarkable that the beauty of Meteora is mentioned as one of the most enchanting places on earth.

Inside the monastery there are a lot of old icons, frescoes, gilded wood carvings of various ancient artifacts and other high-value. But very unfortunately kerana during World War II, the Nazi army has destroyed a lot of antique and historic monasteries sehinggakan than 24 ancient monastery ever established there in the old days, now only six monasteries are still inhabited and may have been used as a museum.

 In the past, if you want to go to the monastery is necessary to use a piece of equipment such as nets, including when to raise and lower the goods. But now the effort for a visit monasteries are not as difficult once again kerana has built a road to get to the Meteora. Instead has built a staircase on a steep rock cliff wall so that people can come up to the top of the hill to arrive safely to the monastery buildings.

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