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Dubai Aquarium and Under Water Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Under Water Zoo is one of several world-famous Aquarium. Aquarium was opened in 2008, and located on the ground floor of one of the most impressive shopping centers in the United Arab Emirates. The most makes this place so famous for being one of the world's largest Aquarium, and officially won the Guinness World Record for "Largest Acrylic Panel 'in the world (the width of 32.88 m, height 8.3 m and weight 245 614 kg).

This aquarium is home to 33 000 marine species, including 400 sharks and rays of the star is a sand tiger shark. This pond has a capacity of 10 million liters of water. The main aquarium tank is 51 meters high, is 20 meters and 11 meters high.
There are several ways for visitors to enjoy the beauty of this Aquarium, which went through an underwater tunnel, a 48-meter runway that juts into the water and allow the views of 270 degrees to eleven feet below the surface of the tank. And another way is by ship glass that allows you to see life in the Aquarium. But if you are looking for something more extreme, then you can choose to dive and snorkel to swim with sharks and watch them directly in front of you.

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