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The World's tallest tower Tokyo Sky tree

The Tokyo Sky Tree, Japan, officially opened to the public on Tuesday (22/5). The building is the tallest tower in the world. In addition, the Tokyo Sky Tree became the second tallest building in the world after Burj Dubai Khalifa in Dubai (830 meters).

Local people are curious about the 634-meter-high building. They immediately meet the observation deck on the 350th floor and the floor 450.

But the weather on the day of the inauguration of Tokyo looks cloudy. So that citizens could enjoy the view of the city with the maximum.


However, leadership development company Tobu Railways, Yoshizumi Nezu, said the rain would fall was a blessing. Building that has a meaning of the name as 'Tokyo Sky Tree' it needs water to grow and develop.

High Tokyo Sky Tree tower beat Canton in China (600 meters). Tokyo Tower has 312 stores and restaurants. There is also an aquarium and planetarium. Tower will also replace the Tokyo Tower is the television and radio transmitters.


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