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The beautiful city of Osaka in Japan

Osaka city is located on the island of Honshu, at the mouth of Yodo River on Osaka Bay. This city is one of the major industrial center and port, and also the capital of Osaka Prefecture and the center of Osaka-Kobe metropolitan area, Kyoto. To the east, neighboring Osaka Kyoto and Nara, and to the west of the city of Kobe. Osaka is part of the Kansai region.

Osaka is a metropolis of water, with rivers and the largest number of bridges in Japan through countless. According to the Japanese, there are "808 building bridges" in Osaka. It is said that for the Japanese, the number "8083 is an extraordinary amount of money, and was tantamount to not counted. Actual number of existing bridges in Osaka is 790, among which, 761 bridges managed by Osaka city government.

There are two in downtown Osaka, the Umeda in the north, and south of Namba. Both the city center connected by a main road called Midosuji. Trade offices, banks, and Japanese conglomerates are generally centered around Jalan Midosuji. Midosuji Street scene with leaves that turn yellow Ginkgo trees in autumn is very beautiful.

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