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Sri Gethuk Waterfall, Grand Canyon of Yogyakarta

Exotic Grand Canyon in northern Arizona, the United States would no longer be denied. Grand Canyon is a natural formation of ravines and steep cliffs are decorated by the flow of the Colorado River. Name of the Grand Canyon and then spoofed into Green Canyon to name a tourist attraction in West Java are quite similar, the flow of the river that divides the high cliffs. Gunungkidul as an area that is often assumed to be dry and barren region was also similar to the beauty store, the green of the river which divides the canyon with a beautiful waterfall that never stops flowing in every season. The waterfall is known as Sri Gethuk Waterfall.

Based on a story that people believe, the waterfall is a storage place kethuk which is one of Jin's gamelan instruments Anggo Meduro. Therefore, it is called by the name of Sri Gethuk Waterfall. That said, at certain times of the Hamlet Menggoran gamelan is often heard coming from the direction of the waterfall. 
This waterfall can be reached for approximately two hours from the city of Yogyakarta. Initially, I thought that the way to the sights completely smooth. Apparently when entering the village Bleberan, poor road infrastructure and a bit rocky. However, all of it paid by the beauty of Sri Gethuk Waterfall.

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